iPod - Unable to sync with iTunes


I have just purchased a new laptop after my old one got damaged. I am trying to sync my iPod to the new system with no joy it will connect but not sync. From reading on the net you can only sync to one library but with no access to my old system I am losing patience so can someone please help?


  • Open iTunes > Help > iTunes Help
  • Under Contents > Expand the iTunes Store > Select Managing Your iTunes Store Account.
  • You will see the following topics which should answer your questions.
    • Managing your iTunes Store account
    • Setting up an iTunes Store account
    • Signing in or out of the iTunes Store
    • Changing your iTunes Store account information
    • Authorizing a computer to play iTunes Store purchases
    • Viewing your purchase history
    • Making sure you have all your iTunes Store purchases
    • Moving your iTunes Store purchases to another computer
    • Using iTunes behind an Internet firewall

If you want to copy the contents of the ipod to the PC you will need to buy a 3rd party program. Use Google to find one on the internet.


Thanks to xpcman for this tip on the forum.
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