Linux - Installing KDE 3.5.4 with Konstruct

April 2018

A nice tip from lami20j ,describing the steps to install KDE3.5.4 on a desktop pc.
  • Configuration :(OS Mandriva PowerPack 2006 6CDs version ; PIII 900 Mhz with 256 SDRAM )

The file contains variables that can be modified according to your preferences.
  • However we will not change anything but use the variable:


    • to download the sources for kde.
  • The default configuration will suit in most cases.

$ mkdir /home/username/src  
$ cd /home/username/src  
$ wget

$ mkdir /home/username/kde3.5.4-sources  
$ cd /home/username/kde3.5.4-sources  
$ wget*tar.bz2  
From now the  /home/username/kde3.4.5-sources folder, will contain the sources.  
$ ls -1 /home/username/kde3.5.4-sources  
  • You do not have to download sources.
  • They are automatically downloaded during installation.

You can choose full installation. In the README you will find other options
$ cd /home/username/src  
$ tar xjvf konstruct-stable.tar.bz2  
$ cd konstruct/meta/kde  
$ make install  

During installation you can also install the following dependencies:

$ urpmi libaspell15-devel  
$ urpmi libbzip2_1-devel  
$ urpmi gssapi  
$ urpmi imlib-devel  

Once installation is complete Iyoou can edit the file /home/username/.bashrc

And add the following lines
export QTDIR=~/kde3.5.4  
export KDEDIR=~/kde3.5.4  
export KDEDIRS=~/kde3.5.4  
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/kde3.5.4/lib  
export PATH=~/kde3.5.4/bin:$PATH  
export KDEHOME=~/.kdetest  
Create the following file .xinitrc  
echo "startkde" >> /home/username/.xinitrc  


At this point there are several questions that may arise:

If I have multiple users,the kde3.5.4 670M file must be present in each directory?

The answer is no.

To be added in /etc/profile:
export QTDIR=/home/lami20j/kde3.5.4
export KDEDIR=/home/lami20j/kde3.5.4
export KDEDIRS=/home/lami20j/kde3.5.4
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/lami20j/kde3.5.4/lib
export PATH=/home/lami20j/kde3.5.4/bin:$PATH

- For each user
echo "export KDEHOME=~/.kdetest" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "startkde" >> ~/.xinitrc

Restart with startx
  • If the installation is interrupted because of a failed connection simply retype make install and the installation will resume.
  • If the installation stops because of a dependency simply install the dependency and retype make install and the installation will resume.
  • The installation time depends on several factors: your connection, server availability, your availability.
  • Remember that the installation can be resumed after an interruption.
  • If you want to keep track of your intallation process and the errors that occu you can use the command (see Step 4)
    • make install > ~/konstruct_log 2>&1 
  • But in this case there will be no display on STDOUT.
  • To view the process you can read the file konstruct_log in another shell (or shell tab) with the command
    • tail -f ~/konstruct_log 
  • ~ Is an abbreviation for the personnel file.
  • If it is causing you problems rather use/home/user

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