How To Use Periscope for Business

DKNY and Lacoste offer sneak peeks of their new collections; Spotify offers meet-and-greet content with your favorite artists; Benefit Cosmetics offers daily make-up tutorials for those interested in perfecting their techniques. These days, businesses and brands across the industry board are turning to live-streaming applications such as Periscope to communicate with their subscribers. But what is it about this live-streaming trend that makes these platforms indispensable these days? And what is it about Periscope that sets it apart from other live stream platforms?

This article will introduce you to different ways to use Periscope for your business. It will also give you some "best practice" tips to keep in mind when integrating live streaming into your strategy for the first time.

What is Periscope?

In short, Periscope is a video and broadcasting service that allows users to share and view live content from around the world. The application was launched by Twitter in March 2015. In August 2015, Periscope reported a monthly user base of 10 million people. In March 2016, on its first anniversary, the application reported that over 200 million videos had been shared and broadcast on the app.

Rapid, viral, and accessible, live videos are increasingly used by businesses to advertise their products and break down communication barriers with consumers. With more than 2 million active users per day, Periscope is a perfect channel for brands that want to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Why Use Periscope?

With its rapidly growing user base, Periscope offers exponential growth opportunities for businesses. But beyond the hype, the application has many advantages for a company. The brand can develop interaction and proximity with its community, encouraged by the feedback in live, and loyalty by offering such exclusive content.

The number one benefit of the application is the visibility it offers, thanks to its complete integration into Twitter. A simple click on the application's "Share on Twitter" button gives users the power to reach their entire user base on both Twitter and Periscope. In addition, the short formats and accessible videos allow for a greater chance of attaining a viral status.

Young and trendy, Periscope opens a direct line of communication with the community of "digital natives". According to Global Web Index, 75% of Periscope users are between 16 and 34 years old, making it an ideal media outlet for any brand that wants to rejuvenate its image and reach a younger audience.

Periscope is available for free download on the AppStore as well as Google Play, making it suitable for all budgets, and companies of all sizes by putting them on par in terms of communication reach. The best part? All of this can be done via smartphone.

How To Use Periscope

The Periscope app is currently supported by both iPhone and Android operating systems. Use of the application requires a Twitter account, as well as a mobile phone with a video function.

Periscope Best Practices

The number one rule of Periscope is to choose the event to broadcast. Use Periscope just to ride the hype can raise the public's disinterest. The content must have a real added value to be tracked and shared.

With Periscope, everything is about timing. It should choose the right time slot, where the target audience is most likely to be available to view live video. Do not hesitate to make an "appointment" with your audience shortly before the broadcast.

Live videos should not be too long in duration. According to reports, viewers tend to drop off after about 10 minutes. Registration must start at the right time and not allow for too much "dead time". At the same time, the live stream should not be so short that the community cannot get acquainted with a product or service and share their opinions.

No need to be a video expert to use Periscope, but there are some rules to respect. The framing is as important as the way the video is filmed.

To avoid these pitfalls, it is advisable to have some sort of script as well as a comment "minimum" to keep a pace and avoid "white space." The diction must be clear and the microphone smartphone should always on the side of the recorded source.

Before beginning, make sure that:

• The Periscope and Twitter accounts are synchronized,
• Videos are in "public" mode in order to reach a wider public,
• That the smartphone battery is full,
• and that video replay links are posted onPeriscope and Twitter with any and all appropriate hashtags.

Finally, with regards to moderation, make sure that any malicious comments are blocked by your account. Users can also report inappropriate comments.

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