Manage Your Location History on Google

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The Google app automatically logs your whereabouts in a Location History file, allowing you to view the places where you have been during the last 30 days on a map. While some users find this feature useful, others consider it to be an invasion of their privacy. This article will teach you how to manage and delete your location history on Google.

Prevent Google from Storing Past Locations

You can turn Location History on or off in your Google Settings.

Location History for iPhone and iPad

On Apple devices, Location History is automatically enabled when you install and sign in to the Google app.

To disable this feature, simply open the Google app, and tap your profile picture located at the top-left corner of the home screen. Tap Privacy > Location. Toggle the Location Reporting switch to Off, and then tap Done.

Location History for Android

Google services are deeply integrated within Android. Location History is automatically enabled when you activate your Google account on an Android device. However, you can choose to turn off Location History for all of the devices connected to your Google account or for a specific device.

Go to Settings > Google Settings. Tap Location > Google Location History. Clear the Location History checkbox to apply your new settings.

View or Delete Location History

For information on how to view or delete your location history in the Maps app, please see our how-to article.

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