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How To Install Remix 2.0 OS on Windows

Remix OS is a free Android-based operating system that offers users a new and sleek desktop design, and allows users to run any of Android's 1.6 million applications on their PCs. The program's sleek design breathes a new life into personal computers, and its multi-tasking features promise functionality and ease of use to all users. The software is available for both Mac and PC devices.

This tip will provide you with some technical advice that will help you install Remix OS onto your tablet.

Install Remix OS on Windows

In order to install Remix OS, you will need a tablet (for the sake of this example, we will be using a Lenovo Yoga 2 10-inch tablet, operating Windows 10), and a USB OTG adapter or USB key (with at least 8GB of storage).

Deactivate Boot Security

You can begin the process by downloading Remix OS from the official website (in the 32-bit version).

After downloading Remix OS, you will need to disable your secure boot. Windows users can do this by heading to Settings (represented by the cog icon) > Change PC Settings > Update and Recovery > Recovery > Advanced Start: Restart now.

Once the PC restarts, head to Troubleshooting > Advanced Options: Change UEFI firmware settings. Look for the Safe boot parameter and disable it.

Install Remix OS on your USB key and then turn off your tablet.

Install Remix OS from Your USB Key

Press and hold the volume and power buttons and wait for your device to power up.

Select the boot menu followed by UEFI USB. Wait about 30 seconds for Remix OS to boot with data backup. Be patient - the first boot may take some time, but your next boot will be faster.

Once the Remix OS boots, a web page will open, asking you to download a file and install it. Follow the directions to complete installation.

Restart New Remix OS System

After installing the file, do a system reboot (shutdown and boot as done previously). From here, you can download any of the Google services available online (the APK Play Store download will allow you to download and play games).

Note that you may change the language settings chosen during installation, but choices are currently limited to English or Chinese.

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