How To Empty the Android App Cache

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The cache is made up of temporary data files that house information about the applications on your device. Each time an application is launched, information is pulled from the cache to quicken the application speed and make the user experience as smooth as possible. While great for user experience, this data takes up storage space very quickly and is very often one of the main contributors to a supposed "lack" of storage space on a device.

This article will teach you how to empty your Android cache and restore some storage space to your device. In addition to freeing up to 1 GB of storage space, this operation may help your Android device to run faster. This method applies to Android devices running Android Lollipop.

Open your phone's Settings, and then head to System > Storage.

Wait for a few seconds as your system calculates the storage space currently being used by the applications on your device. When the system has finished running, you will see a breakdown of your phone's cache.

To clear the cache of individual applications, head to Settings > Apps, and find the app whose cache you'd like to clear.

Tap on the application, and then tap Clear cache.

N.B. If your whole system is buggy, you may want to try wiping your entire cache, including internet and application data. You can find out more in our How To article.