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Twitter's Activity Dashboard for Business

Twitter has incorporated a monitoring tool that enables small- and medium-sized businesses to better communicate with their customers on the platform. The Twitter Activity Dashboard allows them to more easily manage their customer relationships and leverage the data that interests them without going through a third-party service.

This article will introduce you to the Twitter Activity Dashboard and explain how businesses can use this tool to better manage their communication with their customers.

Over the past decade, there has been an exponential shift in how consumers gather their information. According to French audience measurement company Médiamétrie, more than 27 million consumers own a smartphone today, and about 43.3% of all website traffic is driven by mobile users. With so much of our communication now taking place on social networking apps and smartphones continuing to change our modes of communication, companies have had to quickly respond to a growing need for communication management.

With 316 million monthly active users and 500 million tweets per day, Twitter is becoming a key platform for customer relations, with the number of users present on the platform constantly increasing. In fact, according to Twitter's Customer Service Guide, the number of tweets sent to brands has multiplied by 2.5x in just the past two years. To accommodate this trend, Twitter began developing tools to allow small businesses to manage their accounts. The Twitter Dashboard is a sort of toolbox that is composed of three main services: scheduling, monitoring, and advice. Brands can now publish and schedule tweets directly from the "Create" tab on Twitter's dashboard (no third-party services required). This capability can also perform bulk or individual responses to direct messages, and even allows for scheduling tweets. The Analytics tab provides easy access to data and their analyses (i.e. the number of retweets, clicks, increase engagement, ranked by tweets mentions, the most active subscribers, etc.). Twitter advises businesses to strengthen the commitment of their followers. The dashboard's timeline (news feed) enables brands to trace any and all tweets of interest through tags.
t The Twitter Dashboard addresses several customer relationship issues commonly observed on social networks. The application facilitates the customer relationship management and allows brands to gain interactivity and responsiveness, thus improving customer service.

It has been estimated that upwards of 85% of satisfied customers are likely to recommend a brand or product to their friends and contacts. A satisfied customer means a greater return on investment for businesses.

With the data analyzed in the dashboard, the brand can study the behavior and expectations of its customers and be proactive by learning to anticipate their needs. The Twitter Dashboard is only available to companies and users who have active Twitter accounts.

Once an account has been set up, the first step is to define a user profile (i.e. local, online, brand, product, video game, etc.). Next, users should enter any key information into the biography section. This will allow all tweets that concern the brand (whether the brand is explicitly mentioned or not) to appear on the feeds. Choose key words and phrases that are important to your brand.

A brand's communication strategy must be well-defined and must remain consistent. Be sure to answer questions such as: What do we want to communicate to customers and how? Are we communicating for promotional purposes, or to grow our customer relationships? Goals should be specific and targeted (without being too rigid).

Other advice:

- Set goals based on performance indicators: customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, sales opportunities, brand identity, etc.

- Clearly define the profile(s) and the name(s) of user(s) and team(s) who will respond to customer tweets. The Twitter account that answers must be in line with the company's image.

- Find the right balance between the habits of publications that contribute to strengthening the brand identity and innovation that breaks routine and creates a surprise.


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