How To Delete Your Netflix History

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Netflix is a subscription-based online video streaming service that makes your favorite movies, documentaries, TV shows, and special programs easily accessible. Each time you watch a program, its information is stored in your Netflix history, allowing Netflix to suggest similar programs — and even the option to re-watch it, if you gave it a particularly stellar star rating — in the future.

If the thought of having programs that you've previously watched stored by Netflix sounds embarrassing or simply inconvenient for you, you should find comfort in the fact that you can erase your history. This tutorial will teach you how to do so. First, log in to your Netflix account. Navigate to and hover over the downward facing arrow beside your username (at the far right of the screen).

Go to Your Account > Viewing Activity (under the My Profile section).

Click the X located next to the program that you would like to remove from your history.

N.B. For TV shows, you will be given the option to remove all traces of an entire TV series from your history by clicking Remove series?.

Image © Netflix.