How To Restore Data to Your Nokia Phone

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Data on Nokia phones can be restored after the phone has been reset through a combination of numbers and special characters. These combinations will clean and rewrite the data on your phone's primary memory, allowing you to restore all of your photos, videos, music files, themes, and applications.

Restore Data After Resetting Your Nokia

Note: In the Symbian 60 V1 version, you may key in the set of sequences directly from the phone's number pad. When using these sequences, you will likely be prompted to enter a security code. The default security code for these cases is 12345.

For phones using the S60, you must press the 3 keys at one time, and then follow the onscreen instructions to format your phone. All other phones require the use of different key structures. These structures may be found below.

Restore Using *#7780#

Use the sequence *#7780# to restore ini files from ROM, keeping all of your data, including themes, applications, photos, videos, and music files.

Restore Using *#7370#

Use the sequence *#7370# to completely reformat your phone's memory. Your default files will be cleaned up and rewritten.

Note that the data found on your memory card will not be altered.

Deep Reset on a Nokia Phone

A deep reset will reset your phone to its original settings. This option if you are looking for a complete factory restore of your phone, or if your phone won't turn on. Before proceeding with a deep reset, we highly recommend backing up your phone data using the *#7370# combination, as this method will automatically delete all of your important data and pre-installed applications.

To perform a deep reset, turn off your phone and then press simultaneously on the green/talk, 3, and * keys.

Next, turn on your phone and wait for the onscreen format message. Once the message appears, you may release the three keys.

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the reset.

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