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Pokémon GO: GPS Signal Not Found

One of the most common errors being reported on Pokémon GO is the loss of GPS signal, which often results in a loss of progress. In general, GPS accuracy is contingent on the signal or connection strength of your device, but there are some tips and tricks that may help you fix the issue.

How To Fix Missing GPS Signal on Pokémon GO

There are a variety of simple reasons that could explain a loss of GPS signal on Pokémon GO.

Before proceeding with a more complicated option, be sure to check that your location permissions are enabled on the app, that your internet connectivity (3G, 4G, and/or WiFi) is enabled, that your device's GPS is enabled, and that your location and GPS are set to high accuracy mode.

If any of these settings are disabled, it may be causing your app to be a bit buggy.

Delete Location History

If none of the above solutions work, you can try to delete your Google location history, which allows Google to show you useful information based on past locations. A saturated location history may slow the application and prevent your phone from running the application properly.

You can clear your Google location history by heading to Settings > Google > Location > Location History. At the bottom of the screen, select Delete Location History.

Please note that deleting your location history cannot be undone, and it may affect the functionality of other applications that also utilize your location history.

Deactivate Mock Locations

If deleting your location history does not work, another very simple solution is to disable mock locations that are sometimes accidentally activated on some smartphones.

Head to Settings > About device. Here, you will find the version number of your device. Tap on this line repeatedly until you get a notification that your phone has gone to developer mode.

Return the phone settings, and select developer options, which should have appeared once your phone switched modes. If the Mock Locations box is checked, you can uncheck the option now. Then, restart your device to ensure that all previous changes are taken into account.

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