How To Get Free Rides on Uber

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Uber is a mobile transportation app that innovated the taxi hailing industry. One of the most emulated points in Uber's business model is the fact that it gives its customers a pivotal role in the growth of the business. Not only can they actually become drivers with the company, but they are also encouraged to invite their friends to become members in exchange for the promise of free rides.

If you're interested in getting free Uber rides, this walkthrough will show you how to go about doing so. The best way to earn rides on the house is by inviting your friends to join the service using your invite code. For each friend who enters your invite code during sign-up, Uber will credit you one ride for up to $20.

To access your invite code, first open Uber. Tap Menu > Free Rides.

You can customize your code by going to Profile > Riders. Replace the random characters in your code's URL with a more memorable word or phrase.

To share your code, tap Invite Friends, and choose between share methods, including text, email, or social media. Uber will then automatically generate a post with your code for you to share. You're also able to manually share your code by copying and pasting it where you want.

N.B. Uber specifies that the code can only be sent to personal connections. If used for commercial purposes, your eligibility to earn free rides could be revoked, and your account with Uber could even be terminated.