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How To Use Snapchat 'Memories'

Snapchat has introduced a feature called Memories, which is a sort of backup collection of the Snaps and Stories that you have saved in the application. Among the various capabilities offered by Memories is the ability to search for Snaps, create new Stories using saved Snaps, and even to edit and resend Snaps that have previously been saved.

This article will introduce you to Snapchat's Memories and walk you through how to use its features.

Save a Story to Memories

The process of saving individual Snaps or entire Stories to your Memories is extremely simple and can be done either manually or automatically using the auto-save option.

To save an individual Snap, simply take a picture or video, and then, tap the downward facing arrow located on the bottom your screen before proceeding to the Send screen. To save a Story, head to the Stories screen, and select the three vertical dots located next to your story. Then, tap the downward facing arrow.

If you'd like to save all of your stories automatically, you can enable the auto-save option in your settings. To do so, tap the ghost icon on your camera screen followed by the cog icon. Scroll down the menu, select Memories, and toggle the Auto-Save Stories option ON.

How To Open Memories

To open Memories, simply go to your camera screen, and swipe up or tap the circle found under the capture button.

Here, you can browse the Snaps and Stories that you’ve saved. A scrollbar will appear to the right of your screen as you scroll through your Memories. You can press and hold the scroll bar to scroll through your files more quickly:

Any file presented with a circle indicates a saved Story. Simply tap the line to view the saved Story in full-screen mode. You can also tap and hold a Snap or Story to edit and/or resend it.

How To Edit in Memories

Editing Snaps saved to your Memories is fundamentally no different than creating a Snap from scratch.

To edit photos in your Memories, simply tap and hold a Snap, and select the pencil icon.

Edit your Snap using any of the customization options, and tap Done to save your changes. You can, then, choose to exit the feature or send your edited Snap to a friend:

How To Search in Memories

One of the cool features offered in Memories is a smart search that can recognize words or phrases included in the Snap to help you locate the file much more quickly.

To use the search feature, simply tap the magnifying glass in the top-right corner of Memories. Here, you can either select one Snapchat's suggested queries or type a search of your own. Try to keep search queries short and generic.

As you type, Snapchat will automatically filter out Snaps that don't apply to your search. You can view any Snaps remaining after your query by simply selecting them.

How To View Camera Roll in Memories

Memories also provides quick access to media files currently saved to your device's camera roll. You can access your camera roll by simply tapping the Camera Roll tab in the upper toolbar:

You can press and hold any file in your camera roll to add it to your story or send it to a friend via Chat. To delete a Snap from your Memories, simply tap and hold the Snap you'd like to delete, and tap the garbage icon.

Deletion of Snaps from Memories is permanent, so Snapchat will ask you to confirm your selection before proceeding with final deletion.

Image: © Snapchat.

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