Daemon Tools - Not responding after upgrading from Vista to 7


Following an upgrade of Vista to Seven, Daemon Tools doesn't launch.


  • It's due to SPTD driver that is required for Daemon tools to work properly
  • This tip begins to modify the registry, which can cause problems (or pc crash in the worst case) in case of misuse. Better backup your registry before any modifications.
  • Step 1) Uninstall Daemon tools. If it does not appear under "Programs and Features", go to fetch manually under C: \ Program Files and then run "uninst.exe".
  • Step 2) Click "Start", then type Regedit. Right click on the icon "Run as administrator".
  • Step 3) Find the following folder: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\ Services\sptd" and find "Start" and then assign the value 4 and confirm.
  • Step 4) Restart your PC in Safe Mode.
  • Step 5) Run Regedit again, and then find the "cfg" file in :
    • "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\ Services\sptd". Right click on the "cfg"
    • and under "Permissions"and this gives you total control of the file.
  • Step 6) Delete the "sptd" folder.
  • Step 7) Restart in normal mode and you can now reinstall Daemon Tools no problem!

Alternative solution

You can try to make use of UltraISO, it runs perfectly under both 32 or 64 bits versions of Windows 7.


Thanks to Strik-Strak for this tip.

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