How To Use Snapchat's Calling Features

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Since its launch, Snapchat has quickly evolved into one of the most comprehensive media sharing applications available to mobile users. And now, in addition to allowing users to send photo, video, and text "snaps" back and forth to each other, the application also offers vocal and video calling features for more direct contact.

This article will teach you how to use Snapchat's voice and video calling features. Note that these features are only available to users with Snapchat 2.0 downloaded to their devices.

Make Voice Calls on Snapchat

Launch Snapchat, and swipe your finger from left to right to access your Chats screen. If the user you'd like to call is among your recently snapped friends, swipe across their name from left to right to open a chat. If your friend does not appear in your feed, find their name in your Address Book, and begin a chat. A blue dot at the bottom of your Chat screen will indicate if your friend is active and ready.

To begin a voice call, simply tap the telephone icon shown on your feed. If your friend is available, they can choose to either Listen in on the conversation (meaning that they can hear you, but you won't be able to hear them), or Join the conversation in a standard voice call. If your friend is not available, you can also choose to leave them a voice mail by pressing and holding the telephone icon.

Once the conversation is finished, simply press the telephone icon to hang up.

N.B. If, during a conversation, you choose to hold the phone away from your face, Snapchat will automatically activate speaker phone, allowing you to converse without interruption.

Make Video Calls on Snapchat

Snapchat's video calling feature works very similarly to voice calling. To start a video call, launch Snapchat and swipe your finger from left to right to access your Chats screen. Swipe your finger across the name of the person with whom you'd like to chat. Then tap the video camera icon located at the bottom of your screen.

If your friend is available, they can choose to either Watch or Join you in the video chat. Users also have the option to minimize video chats by swiping down on the video. Tap it again to enter full-screen mode.

To end a video chat, simply press the camera icon again. Note that both parties must hang up in order for a call to finish completely.
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