How to change Windows XP language?

April 2018


How can I change the opareting system language of HP Pavilion dv2000


This is for xp computers:
  • 1. Click on start - it must be at the bottom left corner of the screen
  • 2. Click on the writing next to the image of a paper with a tick on it and a pen (control panel)
  • 3. Click on the icon that shows the earth and a calendar (date, time, language and regional options)
  • 4. Click on the writing next to the image of a globe (it should open up a new window)
  • 5. Change all the language options to the language of your choice or sometimes you have to put the country that speaks that language
  • 6. Change tabs and do the same
  • 7. Click on the first box at the very bottom of that window (ok)
  • 8. Close all the windows by pressing the "x" on the top right corner of the window
  • 9. Click on start
  • 10. Click on the red "switch" icon (it should ask you what to do)
  • 11. Click on the green icon (restart - should turn off and turn back on)
  • 12. Check if it's the language of your choice (if not, I'm sorry!)


Thanks to Dolly for this tip on the forum.
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