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How to connect two Xbox 360 consoles on a network?

Two Xbox consoles which use the same internet network may not be connected, and a warning message may appear too. It is, however, possible to connect the two gaming consoles on the same network. The router which is used must have ports in the listening mode i.e. open ports for Xbox Live Server. Secondly, since the two Xbox consoles will be connected using these ports on a single server, one should trigger the ports at Port Range Triggering and not at Port Range Forwarding, which should be disabled because only the latter will be available to the port that has the IP address assigned and thus, only one console can be connected. With the former, this problem can be tackled easily after the other settings are taken care of.


I want to connect my Xbox 360 with another to play games over a network. However, when I try to do this I get a warning message saying the connection to the host has ended and I can't join in the game.


To solve this problem you need to use Port Range Triggering. The ports in question are 53, 80, 88 and 3074.

You should:
  • Trigger the ports listed above
  • Disable Port Range Forwarding
  • Disable DMZ
  • Enable UPnP (if this feature is available to you)
  • Set your MTU size to 1364 to avoid any issues with lagging


Thanks to kirbyboychoy for this tip on the forum.
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on a WRT310N v.1 linksys router you must first enable the SPI firewall protection since disabling the SPI firewall closes all open ports ignoring your port forwarding settings also with it disabled u wont be able to edit/change any fields in the port triggering tab
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