How To Send Instagram Posts as Direct Messages

Ever been scrolling through your Instagram feed and seen a post that you wished that you could privately share with a friend? Sure, you could take a screenshot and send off the photo. However, with Instagram's Direct messaging feature, you can get the job done in a much simpler way.

This tutorial will show you how to send a post in your Instagram feed as a Direct message.

Send Post in Instagram Feed as Direct Message

Once you've found a photo that you'd like to send in a Direct message, tap the forward button (indicated by a right-pointing arrow) located underneath the photo.

In the small box that pops up, select up to 15 people to whom you'd like to forward the photo. If the original poster's account is private, only other people who follow that account will be able to view the photo that you send to them:

Next, add an optional message, and tap Send.

You can also send a post as a Direct message by commenting on it.

First, mention the account(s) that you'd like to send it to (using the @ key). Then, tap the forward button on the left to turn it green, meaning that the message will be sent privately and not posted as a public comment:

N.B. Posts that you send in a Direct message won't show up on your feed (as a post by you), and the original poster won't be notified.
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