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What is the Opera Mobile Store?

The Opera Mobile Store is the world's third-largest mobile app store, offering more than 300,000 games and apps to over 100 million users each month. A replacement for the now-defunct Nokia App Store, the Opera Mobile Store offers app downloads across Android, iOS Java, Blackberry, and Windows platforms and can be accessed via its mobile browser as well as its Mini browser.

The Opera Store is particularly interesting for publishers and app designers, and the Publisher Portal acts as a stepping stone for hopeful developers to help them launch their apps. This tutorial will guide you through the Opera App Store, so that you can access its various services.

Accessing the Opera Mobile Store

The Opera Mobile Store can be accessed here. When you get to the homepage, you will see a toolbar with the names of different operating systems supported by the app store. Select your device's operating system to view the available apps. Alternatively, you can click the blue box in the left corner to enter your device manually:

Browse through Opera's available apps until you find an app that you'd like to download, and click on it. On the description page, you will see a green Download button:

Clicking this button will lead you to the app store most compatible with your device (i.e. iOS users will be redirected to the AppStore, Android users will be redirected to the Google Play Store, etc.). Unless you're a BlackBerry user, downloads will occur directly from these third-party app stores.

Create Publisher Portal Account

Opera's Publisher's Portal allows developers to register and publish their applications at absolutely no charge. To take advantage of the Publisher Portal, simply head to the official homepage, and enter your email address and company name. Agree to the terms and conditions, and then click Registration.

All applications submitted on Opera's Publisher Portal are subject to approval by the Opera Mobile Store team. This includes basic reliability testing on all of the platforms and devices declared by the developer in the submission process.

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