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GIT for Windows

GIT, the powerful 'Source Code Management ' tool is of great help in computer programming and the prime emphasis of this tool is its speed. This tool is developed essentially for Linux kernel development, however when it is imported to faq/windows-102 Windows, ] it faces difficulty. The tool loses its efficiency on faq/windows-102 Windows ] and uploading and downloading of the file becomes very slow. To compile GIT on this OS,Msysgit is the best option because of the easy installation procedure and the download size of the file. Points that should be noted while downloading - the option 'use Git Bash' must be selected and the latest mainline version of this Linux kernel must be downloaded.

GIT for Windows

Just like SVN or CVS, Git is revision control and source code management system. However, GIT is more specific because it was created primarily for the development of the Linux kernel. *Nowadays, it is quite possible to use Git for a more general purpose, however there is a significant problem with this tool: Git is not officially supported under Windows.
  • Fortunately there are some Git clients that run smoothly under Windows:


Msysgit offers an easy to use solution for Windows OS.
Note that: During installation, select "use Git Bash", leaving other options as they are.

Test: Download the latest mainline version for Linux

To test it, you should download the latest mainline version of the Linux kernel. Then make a copy of the tree with git-clone as described below:
  • Go to Start > Programs > Git > Git Bash
  • Type the following commands:
    • mkdir my_git 
    • cd my_git 
    • git-clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git
  • Wait for the download to be completed.

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