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How To Add Name Pronunciation to Facebook

If you are tired of your name being constantly mispronounced, Facebook has a fun profile feature that can help you out. The name pronunciation guide allows you to add an audio pronunciation of your name to your About Me section, making any future butchering of your name inexcusable. Sound like something your page desperately needs? Here's how to add a pronunciation guide to your Facebook page.

Note that this feature is not yet available in all areas. All pronunciation guides added to a user's Facebook profile will be made public.

Add a Name Pronunciation Guide to Facebook

Head to your profile, and click About. Next, click Details About You in the left column below your profile picture.

Scroll to the Name Pronunciation section, and click How do you pronounce your name? A list of pre-generated options will be provided to you with a list of Facebook's best guesses on how to pronounce your name. You can listen to each of them by clicking the button to the right of each entry.

If you are satisfied with one of the options, simply select the one that you like best. You can also create your own if none of the pre-generated guesses are correct. Once you're finished, click Save Changes.

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