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How to Save Instagram Posts as Drafts

For too long, Instagram made you choose between accidentally losing your photos or being forced to delete them if you weren't ready to post right them away. But now, with the platform's Save Draft option, you can hold onto your photos. That way, you can continue to edit them to share later on.

This tutorial will walk you through how it's done.

Save an Instagram Post as a Draft

Open Instagram, and tap the camera icon at the bottom of the screen:

Take or upload a photo or video, then add filters, effects, a caption, or your location. Go back to the filtering and editing step, and tap the back arrow in the top-left corner of your screen.

Choose Save Draft in the dialog box that pops up:

N.B. If you don't alter the image or video in some way, then you will not be able to save it as a draft. Instead, Instagram will just exit the editing screen and return to your last viewed page.

View Instagram Posts Saved as Drafts

To view posts that you've previously saved as a draft, tap the camera icon > Library. Posts will show up at the bottom of the screen underneath Drafts.

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