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Lenovo laptop recovery

For worried users of Lenovo laptops facing the problem of their computer going directly to the failure screen without a recovery CD to tackle the problem, there is good news. The hard disk of the computer just needs to be restored to its original settings i.e. when it was shipped from the factory. The factory settings of the laptop can be restored through the Product Recovery Program that can be accessed from the hidden partition in the hard disk. Every Lenovo laptop has a backup of all the existing programs that were installed in the laptop in this partition. Through the Lenovo Care Button that can be launched even without the operating system, the Rescue and Recovery workspace has to be opened from the point where the hard drive can be restored to the original factory set up.


I have a Lenovo 3000 200C laptop but it came with no recovery disc. The computer no longer functions properly, instead showing error code 0xc000000f and a failure screen, and I can't seem to recover the machine without the CD.


Here is how to restore the machine to its factory settings using Rescue and Recovery:
  • 1. Turn off your PC, then turn it on again
  • 2. While the initial screen is displayed, press the Lenovo Care button
  • 3. After the Rescue and Recovery workspace opens, you can do the following:
    • Rescue and Restore your files, folders, or backups
    • Configure your system settings and passwords
    • Troubleshoot and diagnose problems using diagnostics
      • For more information about using Rescue and Recovery features, see the "Recovery overview" section in online Access Help.

This offers all the features you would normally find on a recovery CD, meaning you have no need for one.

Warning: All of the files on the primary hard disk partition (usually drive C) will be lost in the recovery process. However, before any data is overwritten, you will be given the opportunity to save one or more files to other media.
  • 1. If possible, save all your files and shut down your operating system
  • 2. Turn off your computer for at least 5 seconds
  • 3. Select the On position of the wireless radio switch on your computer
    • Note: If you forget to select the On position of the wireless radio switch, your wireless network card will not be recognized, and the wireless card driver will not be included in your system
  • 4. Turn on your computer and when the initial screen is displayed, press the Lenovo Care button to open the Rescue and Recovery workspace
  • 5. Click Restore your system, select "Restore my hard drive to the original factory state" and follow the instructions on the screen.
    • If you have previously backed up the machine you can choose to recover the data from the backup instead


Thanks to xpcman for this tip on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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