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How To Check That a Website Is Secure

When browsing the web, you often share your personal data — and sometimes without even realizing that you've done so. That's why it's very important to be sure that your information is protected from malicious attempts to access it. One way to ensure this is to be sure that the website that you are browsing is secure.

This tutorial will show you how to check. The most surefire way to check the safeness of a website is by checking that the site holds an SSL Certificate. SSL Certificates keep your data safe as it is passed from your browser to the website’s server, and to get one, the site's company must go through a validation process. Therefore, the most secure sites possess one.

To check whether or not the website that you are visiting has a valid SSL Certificate, simply take a look at its URL. If it begins with https, then the site holds an SSL Certificate; conversely, if it begins with http, then it does not:

First, make sure that the domain is the company's real website and not simply a very similar-looking URL address.

You should also look for signs that the company that owns the site is one that you can trust. This may mean searching for signs of accurate telephone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses listed on the site, among other verifying details.

N.B. This method is a bit less concrete and should be used in conjunction with others. If you would prefer to simply perform a search for the website that you are using, there are many online sources that provide this simple service for you. These include Google's Safe Browsing Site Status feature as well as Norton's Safe Web feature.

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