How To Use the Tabs Feature on macOS Sierra

The new macOS Sierra update brings forth a number of great new features including the ability to open multiple tabs in a single application. Initially restricted to just internet applications, the new tabs feature allows you to bookmark multiple windows in a single application, making it easier to multitask and find important pieces of information without having to toggle between different windows and applications.

This article will introduce you to the new feature and teach you how to take advantage of it.

How To Use Tabs in macOS Sierra

In order to use the tabs feature, you will need to have multiple windows of the same application open. Once all of your windows are displayed, click the Window option in the menu bar. Then, click Merge All Windows.

All of your tabs will now be presented in a single row in a display similar to that of Apple's Safari web browser. Depending on the application in use, you may also notice a small + option in the upper-right corner. Click this option to add additional tabs to your window.

How To Switch Between Tabs

macOS Sierra offers two keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to navigate quickly between tabs.

To move to the next tab, simply hold down Control + </bold>Tab</bold> or Shift + Command + ].

To go back to the previous tab, use Control + Shift + Tab or Shift + Command + [.

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