How To Separate PDF Pages on a PC

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PDF files are really handy for sending multiple-page documents, among other things. However, when it comes to splitting them into multiple pages on your PC, you might find yourself slightly puzzled.

If you'd like to separate the pages of a PDF file but don't know how, this tutorial will walk you through the steps.

Separate PDF Pages on a PC

To split a PDF file into multiple pages on a PC, your best bet is to download a virtual printer. With it, you can choose to "print" only the pages that you'd like to make separate from the document.

Some useful virtual printers are PDF Creator and PDF995.

Once you have your virtual printer downloaded, open the PDF and take note of the pages that you want to keep. Go to File > Print. You can also use the shortcut CONTROL + P.

In the Printer field, select your virtual printer.

Go to Pages, and select the pages that you would like to keep. To keep a range of pages, enter [FIRST]-[LAST]. To keep a single page, write the page number. To keep specific, non-consecutive pages, enter the page numbers separated by semicolons.

Before closing the window, simply name your files and select the location to which you'd like them saved.

Separate PDF Pages Online

SplitPDF allows you to extract all of the pages of a PDF document into separate files in just a few clicks.

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