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Yahoo - Configuring POP3 for Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird

Yahoo was one of the first Silicon Valley companies to provide free web based email. Now with advances in technology, it is possible to use the Yahoo mailbox with the client versions of the mail softwares such as Outlook, Eudora and Thunderbird. One option is to activate Yahoo Direct and use the web and POP access given under mail options. The other solution is to create a gateway between these client versions of email like Thunderbird and Yahoomail by integrating the POP3 and HTTP interfaces to provide seamless connectivity.

=[Yahoo] Configuring POP3 for Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird

It is possible to use the Yahoo mailbox in combination with mail client softwares such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. There are two ways of doing this:

Solution 1: activate the Yahoo Direct option

With this option active Yahoo will automatically forward your emails.

1. Open your Yahoo mail account.
2. On the top right, click on the mail option button.
3. Select POP access and transfer on new screen.
4. The Yahoo Direct registration page will appear.
5. Just follow the instructions and fill up the necessary information boxes.
6. On the last screen, select the Web and Pop Access option.
7. Configure your mail client.

Solution 2: using alternate options (softwares) than using Yahoo Direct

There are various applications that can be used to act as a gateway between the email clients and Yahoo by providing a POP3 server interface at one end and an HTTP client interface at the other end.





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