Connect your Xbox 360 to Xbox Live

Xbox Live is an online service that allows owners of Xbox 360 console to connect to the internet to download games, demos ..., play online and chat with friends.

Silver or Gold Access

All Xbox 360 owners can connect to Xbox Live for free via the Silver Membership. They can communicate with friends, compare scores, download games and free entertainment.
In addition to the Silver Membership features, Gold subscription has more options: you can play online and chat with your friends, download games and trailers, demos, video clips ...


  • Hardware
  • Xbox 360
  • Ethernet cable or a wireless network adapter
  • A broadband modem (DSL or cable)


  • Plug the Ethernet cable supplied with the Xbox Live the RJ-45 (located behind the console) to the modem. If your Xbox 360 is too far from your modem, you can also connect your Xbox 360 to your modem using a wireless network adapter.
  • Select "Join Xbox Live" on the interface of the Xbox 360.

Create Account

Create your profile player from the console interface by following the instructions on the screen.

To connect via the Gold subscription

You want to enjoy more options and take the free subscription to the Silver Gold subscription?
- Connect to Xbox LIVE from the Xbox 360.
- Go to the tab :"Market"
- Select method of payment: "Using a prepaid card or promotional code and enter your code.

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