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I have a windows vista computer. I need help trying to remove administrator's password. I have done the command prompt and it told me error number 5 or something like that with 5 in it. but I dont know what to do next. I typed my password that I wanted and then it game me error 5 command prompt is not working for me.


You need a higher user to do this and the only one high than admin is system, to get access to this you will have to hack vista's logon.

  • 1.Boot vista installation disc and go to repair.
  • 2.Open command prompt and type notepad.
  • 3.In notepad click on file and the on open.
  • 4.In the box go to C:\Windows\system32 and change document type to all file.
  • 5.Find file sethc.exe amd rename it to sethc.exe.old
  • 6.Copy cmd.exe and paste it again, it will be called "Copy of cmd.exe".
  • 7.Rename "Copy of cmd.exe" to sethc.exe.
  • 8.Restart your PC.
  • 9.In logon press SHIFT 5 times and cmd will nou apear.
  • 10.In cmd type "Net user administrator *".
  • 11.Then type new password.

PS. No character will show when you type new password.


Thanks to Happy Hacker for this tip on the forum.
Jean-François Pillou

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