Install XP from your flashdisk

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In a computer with a defective CD drive ,naturally no CD can be read. Launching operating systems such as Windows XP on that computer is hard. Windows XP can still be installed with the help of a USB or any flash disk but this flash disk must be 1GB in capacity. To complete the procedure other factors need to be met. An original CD of the Windows OS along with a spare PC or a laptop is required. Usb_prep8 and Bootsect are the two files that must be downloaded.

When your computer has a defect with its CD Drive and you are unable to read any CDs on it, you can choose to install Windows XP from a USB/ Flash disk. Below is what you need to do :

Now follow the procedure below:
  • 1. Once you have downloaded the zipped folders, you can extract the zipped files
  • 2. Choose usb_prep8.cmd and once the command prompt opens, choose any key to continue with the set up.
  • 3. Once the PeToUSB window pops up, go to the 'Start' option to format your flashdisk.