Transferring large files via private P2P

April 2018

What is private P2P?

As you know Peer-to-Peer software that allows file sharing between users.

In the case of private P2P, exchange is allowed only to users belonging to your community or groip. The exchange is thus done privately within the community.

The P2P file-sharing purposes is characterized by a research and sharing. To share a folder full of photos or videos, you will not copy the files to a server or send them to a receiver, but simply prompt the P2P software which file must be accessible via the Internet. The files remain on your PC until they are requested by your contacts. As a result, files are automatically uploade, there is no size limit and no risk to storing files on the server.

This tip will give you the steps to share files using the private P2P software: Gigatribe

Transferring your files in private P2P with Gigatribe

GigaTribe is a PC (the Mac version is in preparation) must be installed on your computer.

Creating a user account

When you start GigaTribe for the first time you will get the window for user creation. Choose a username, a password and click "Next" to login.

GigaTribe offers two modes of connection: direct connection and EasyConnect.
  • EasyConnect connection allow you to connect for free and without any configuration for 30 days. Take advantage of this trial period to discover the

  • You can then log in for free and unrestricted by configuring the connection directly (next page!) Or buy the Ultimate version to continue to enjoy the

EasyConnect and other features.

Invite Friends

Once you've created your user account, invite your friends.

From the "Network" tab, click the Next button to open the sending of invitations:
  • If your friends have also installed GigaTribe and created a user account, send them an invitation directly using their GigaTribe nickname .
  • If your friends have not yet established a user GigaTribe, send them an invitation via email message that contains your own nickname.

Select the folders to share

Once you have users in your network, choose which folders you want to share. By default, GigaTribe will not share any of your records.
  • The link "Change my shared folders" is in the "Network" tab. It is visible when you view the list of all your contacts. If you're inspecting the contents of one of your contacts, click the icon that represents a home to return to the list of all your contacts.
  • The shared folder window is divided into 2: the left while your hard drive, right folders you've chosen to share. Select a folder on your hard drive and click "Share Folder". Select sharing options and click OK, the file will appear in the right side of the window.

Accessing shared files

You have 2 ways to access files shared by your friends:
  • From the "Network"tab, select the contact name you want and browse the shared folders of the hard disk. When yoou pin point an interesting file, double click on it to download.
  • From the "Search" tab, enter the full name or just part of the name of a file to search your contacts online.
    • The "Transfer" tab allows you to track the progress of current downloads and allows you to directly open the folder where the files are downloaded.
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