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Add music to your Nintento DS

First copy the audio files on the SD or SDHC compatible card

Note that, some tracks are protected by copyright can not be streamed if they are illegally copied.

Materials needed:
  • A 2GB SD card or a 32GB SDHC card
  • Have your music files saved Mac or PC.
  • A SD/SDHCcard reader(buit-in or external).


  • Insert the card into the reader
  • Open Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac) and you select the drive to open it.
  • Open in parallel another Windows or Finder window to get the music stored on his computer.
  • Select the files, right click on "copy" and paste on the SD card.
    • Choose compatible audio files: AAC only with the extensions. M4a,.Mp4, or .3gp. are compatible.

Converting music files in AAC audio files or.M4a compatible

Conversion of a file can be done using several software.
Switch Audio Converter 1.05
  • Once installed:
    • In the bottom left next to "Output format" check". M4a"
    • Bottom right click "convert" once you have copied pasted the tracks to convert the large rectangular tab.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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