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Comparative test of parental control software

How to ensure the safety of your children on the Internet during your absence? There are parental control software which allows parents to monitor, restrict and regulate the time and login access to their children in their absence.

Namely, for an effective and optimal use of any parental control software, at least two sessions must be created:
- A parent session to manage the administrationof the PC and the software.
- A child session, with limited rights.

Xooloo and Web Filter (Optenet) are the two parental control software that we will present. Xooloo and Optenet and are the main providers of ISP. Like all good parental control software, they include a number of features essential to their efficiency.

Xooloo PC

The parental control software Xooloo is ranked first by most tests performed.

  • 1. Target: Adults, beginners and experts
    • The installation and use of the software is easy enough to enable all parents to secure the connection to their children without being computer engineers.
  • 2. Ergonomics: automatic settings handy
    • The settings are really not complicated!Adolescent mode and Child mode are pre-configured by default, that is to say that without custom configuration, these two modes are filtered by default. Anyway, unless you customize the preset modes, the get a more efficient the filter. Patterns and profiles filters are adjustable in one click.
  • 3. Features: ability to customize filtering
    • Xooloo has three adjustable filtering profiles:
    • Parents: no filter
    • Teenager: while surfing the Internet with the exception of sites blacklisted
    • Child mode: surfing on a selection of sites is audited
    • Possibility to define a profile for filtering user account, set time slots for each user, customization and filtering (ability to authorize or prohibit certain sites to filter lists).
  • 4.Compatibility: Mac and PC compatible
    • The parental control software Xooloo is the only one compatible with PC and Macintosh.
    • The White List of Xooloo (list of sites where children can surf safely) is the first to combine leading edge technology and human evaluation, hence its relevance and quality.

Web Filter PC

Web Filter is an easy and effective solution to help parents willing to let their children surf safely.

  • 1. Target: Adults, beginners and experts
    • The Web Filter software designed exclusively for parents and is designed to facilitate their use.
  • 2. Ergonomics: easy to use
    • No specific knowledge is required to use the software: no need to configure it, you install the software and all is done smoothly. The default configuration protects your children from inappropriate content.
  • 3. Features: Online dialogue monitoring tools
    • Web Filter can block and filter content site cataloged in over 50 categories (pornography, violence, racism ...). It also blocks access to chats, forums, instant messaging, limit downloads and connection time to the Internet.
  • 4. And more: Quick fixes
    • Optenet includes a parser and semantic analyzer URLs that allow careful analysis and detailed content on the Internet visited in 180 languages and dialects! Any errors are corrected in filtering within a delay of 15 mins.

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