How to transfer files from remote PC using DOS commands?

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I have 35 user which are connected in a network with ip adress, they are not in the domain, I want to transfer some files from there pc to the server, without using remote desktop, if i take remote desktop, user will get distrub!


Ok, try this.

first, make the directory on the other computer that contains the file that you want to recieve shared.

then, copy all in bold text into a text file, name the file with an 'appropriate name.bat.
When required just run it.
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------

rem ========================================= 
rem this line will map a drive to the folder on the other computer 
rem replace server with the computer name 
rem ========================================= 

net use x: /delete 
net use x: serverfalcondata_collectionzipped 

rem ======================================================== 
rem following line will copy directory and all 
rem sub directory contents into dated directory 
rem replace d:backup_directory with details of where you wish the file/sd to be save to 
rem ======================================================== 

xcopy /E /I x:falcondata_collectionzipped*.* d:backup_directory


Thanks to vicky for this tip on the forum.

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