Excel - Add a prefix to all records in a column

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Microsoft Office Excel is a spreadsheet program which includes prop up for XML plus description that allows everybody to scrutinise and distribute information. Excel has visual basic for applications. Microsoft Office Excel has the crucial quality of all the spreadsheets, using a lattice of cells displayed in orderly rows and columns to categorise the statistics manipulations like calculation operations. The data is stored in all the grids. The saved data is changed or altered by adding a prefix to each of the columns. Many individuals are unaware of this process, but not to worry: here are some tips to add a prefix in Excel columns.


I want assign the 0(zero) prefix to all records in a particular column of an Excel sheet. Please let me know how to do it?


If the data is numeric then select the columns and put in:

Format > Cell > Number > Custom > write 0#,##.00

All your numbers will have 0 prefix ....

Note that

Thanks to mubashir aziz for this tip on the forum.

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