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How to configure Samsung Star WiFi connection?

To configure WiFi for the Samsung Star, you need to restart the phone and start to search for WiFi networks in range, to which you may connect. Add the connection in the WiFi settings menu. Now you need to set the name for it, as "wifi connection name" is the default SSID.

The authentication type is Auth Type, which is open and the encryption type is WEP. The general key length may be 64 bits or 128 bits, and the Index ID is one. The network key is ** and the Protocol will be HTTP. Now set a home URL website link. Proxy addresses will be blank and the normal linger Time will be 300 seconds. All adhoc will be off, which you can change in advanced settings. Finally, be sure to enter the network key.


I am not able to configure the WiFi for my phone. I followed the instructions in the manual and was able to detect the WiFi router but could not access it. I saved the WiFi router profile, but my router has a Network Key and Samsung WiFi didn't give me an option to enter the password. By default my router gives the DHCP IP and Samsung didn't get that IP. I want to try again, but I am not able to delete the existing profile saved in Samsung WiFi.


Wireless router side

  • 1. Set wireless mode to B-G Mixed
  • 2. Standard Channel = 8
  • 3. Encryption - TKIP

Phone side

  • 1. Delete the configured wireless connection if you already have one
  • 2. Enable WiFi but do not perform a search at the moment
  • 3. Open the browser, select Settings > Browser profiles and press "Search for WiFi"
  • 4. Select the connection that you want to connect to and type the details that match the settings on the router
    • Auth type = WPA
    • Encryption = TKIP
    • Network key = router pre-shared key
    • Protocol = HTTP
    • Home URL = address of modem (you can change it later if everything is already working)
    • Leave proxy blank
    • Linger = default
    • Adhoc = off
    • There is no need to change the advanced settings
  • 5. Save the settings but do not connect yet
  • 6. Exit the browser, go to WiFi and select the connection that you have just configured
  • 7. Check all the settings are OK
    • If the channel is different to the one set on the router, adjust it on the router to match the one used by the phone
  • 8. Activate the selected connection and try browsing the internet

That should get everything working. This applies only to personal wireless networks.


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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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