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Comparative test PC optimization software

An optimization software allows a PC to boost its capabilities, to make repairs yourself, protect your PC against viruses and malware, to save memory, increase execution speed, avoid system failures ... Full of features for optimal use of your PC!

Smart PC Suite

A software that allows diagnostic and repair your computer by yourself

  • 1. Target: computer beginners.
    • Smart PC Suite allows anyone to boost the capabilities of their PC without specific IT knowledge and without the intervention a computer technician. The software, offers the user several options.
  • 2. Ergonomics: 6 modules for different purposes
    • Smart PC is as a software suite consisting of 6 modules including cleaning tools and manage programs and applications. Simply click on one of the modules to execute the desired action.
  • 3. Features: repairs, optimizes
    • Smart PC Suite is much more than a utility that scans your files and diagnostics.

It can repair problems with your PC and prevent system failures, increase its speed, secure private data, to recover lost files, to disable applications that the ram memory and unnecessarily Finally protect your computer against malicious attacks from viruses and malware.

  • 4. And more: it restores lost data!
    • You have to format your hard disk or lost a recent workings? Smart PC allows you to restore them as it records everything.
  • The interface extremely simple: when you click on one of the modules, a gauge appears to indicate the level of analysis of PC

Fix-It Utilities 9 Professional

  • Perhaps the best optimization software to repair, clean and boost your PC in just a few clicks.
  • 1. Target: for beginners and experts, professionals
    • Fix it offers two 2 modes of use to accommodate both types of users: an "Automatic" mode, which allows use by beginners, and an "expert" mode for more experienced users who want manage their PCs more independently.
  • 2. Ergonomics: Solutions in 1 click
    • The interface offers solutions in 1 click. A protective tab allows regular updating of antivirus and Integrated Maintenance tab offers to diagnose, repair / maintain, optimize, clean, recover data deleted by mistake.
  • 3. Features:
    • Fix-It Utilities 9 Professional prepare a thorough diagnosis of your PC problems and repair them. It allows to recover your lost data, to clean all unwanted files and unnecessary ... These are all features that allow optimal operation of your computer and increase its speed.
  • 4. And more: varioustests and tools

    • Fix-It provides hundreds of tests to evaluate the performance of your computer and not less than 40 tools just to repair the computer crashes, which eliminate the slow, save memory ...

Version 9 Fix-It takes into account all the changes induced by the latest versions of Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Chrome, etc.. and Service Pack 3 for Windows XP SP 1 for Windows Vista.

Slow PC fighter

  • Slow-PC fighter is an optimization software that allows you to make your computer faster in no time.
  • 1. Target: Beginner
    • Slow PC fighter is especially recommended for users encountering multiple slowdowns
  • 2. Ergonomics: easy and fast
    • Slow PC fighter is fast and easy to use. In just three steps, it scans your computer, repair the registry errors and improve its operating speed.
  • 3. Features: Gain speed and life time
    • Slow PC fighter avoids the shortcomings of the system of your computer, solves problems such as:
    • - invalid entries and obsolete applications
    • - Extensions of unnecessary files
    • - Non-existent programs at startup
    • - Empty Registry Keys
    • - Deleted programs, add / remove programs invalid ...
  • With these resolutions, your PC run better, faster and therefore its lifetime will be extended.
  • To test the software's capabilities, Slow PC fighter performs a free online scan of your computer.
  • Slow PC fighter is a Microsoft Gold Certified "partner, meaning that the software is perfectly suited for computers using Windows operating systems.


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