Excel - - if then else with multiple criteria

April 2018

Essentially, I would like to determine a numeric value (1-9) for the letters of the alphabet. Returning the number value in relation to a name.


"a", "j", "s" =1
"b", "k", "t" =2
"c", "l", "u" =3
"d", "m", "v" =4
"e", "n", "w" =5
"f", "o", "x" =6
"g", "p", "y" =7
"h", "q", "z" =8
"i", "r"=9

entering: m a r k
should return: 4 1 9 2

I have tried each letter of the name being in it's own cell and using "if, then, else" statements; "or" statements; and vlookup but continue to have trouble with the multiple (9) arguments.
I shall tell you one way how to do it

in A1 type
in A2 type

copy A2 down till A26

you will get all the lower case alphabets
in B1 type 1 to 9 for alphabets a to i(cells B1 to B9)
highlight B1 to B9 and edit-copy
select B10 edit-paste
again select B19 edit-paste


in four adjacent cells e.g A28 to D28
m a r k (each of the letters)
in A29 type this formula

copy A29 to B29,c29 and D29

you will get

4 1 9 2
Thanks to venkat1926 for this tip on the forum.
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