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Samsung Star, when connected to a PC, fails to be recognized even if the required software is installed on the PC. With inventions in telephony,this kind of problem can be tackled and it is important to remember that the phone must be in idle mode while connecting. The Samsung phone can be connected to a PC by selecting the mass storage option. This will connect the memory card of the phone to the PC. The phone can also be connected to the system via a USB cable and through My Computer, the process can be completed. New PC studio software can be downloaded from the official site and it can also be helpful for this process.


I cannot seem to connect my Samsung Star mobile phone to my PC and am looking for a way to do this. I have installed the necessary software but the computer does not recognize my phone even though it is attached.


For this solution, you will need a memory card in your mobile phone.

  • 1. In your mobile, go to Menu > Settings > Phone settings
  • 2. Scroll down to PC Connections
  • 3.Select "Mass storage"

Next time you connect your mobile to the PC via USB cable, open Samsung Studio. Samsung Studio will automatically detect your memory card and then you can start transferring files.

Another method is to go to My Computer when you connect the mobile via USB. Click on Removable Disk. Then it's just a matter of dragging and dropping files.

Note: When connecting your mobile, make sure it is in Idle Mode (on the main screen).

You can also try downloading new PC studio from the Samsung site here:


Thanks to Kabeer for this tip on the forum.
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