How To Combine Two Images Using Photofiltre

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Photofiltre is a photo retouching program. Using this software, you can edit images in various ways, like merging two images into one.

N.B. This feature is available for both Photofiltre and Photofiltre Studio.

Combine Images Using Photofiltre

Start by downloading and installing Photofiltre onto your PC.

Next, open the two images by clicking File > Open. Select the two images by holding down the [Ctrl] key as you click on the images. Then, click the Open button:

Once both images are open, click the first image and go to Edit > Copy:

Next, click the second image and go to Edit > Paste special > Assemble:

In the dialogue window, you have the option to choose the location of the two images. Once you have decided, click Ok:

You should now see both of your images situated side-by-side:

Image: © Photofiltre.

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