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How To Remove Pop-up Ads and Adware

Advertising windows, also known as pop-ups, generate revenue for their developers. They can appear when you visit certain websites or after you install certain programs, called adware. (Typically, these programs are unintentionally installed when you download certain free programs.)

After the adware is installed, pop-up windows will appear, even if you are not surfing the Internet. These programs can modify the home page and search engine of your web browser in order to generate traffic to the pages of some search engines. Because the removal of adware is difficult, they are considered as potentially unwanted programs. This same method is used by botnets, computer robots, for the purpose of generating money. The botmaster installs adware on infected computers and makes money with the appearance of advertising pop-ups.

If you have unwittingly downloaded one of these unwanted programs, you can simply block the pop-up ads and adware that they display on your computer.

How To Block Pop-up Ads

Pop-up blockers are no longer required for blocking pop-up ads. Current web browsers already incorporate these tools.

However, you may use the AdBlock extension that is available for Firefox and Google Chrome to block all ads.

How To Delete Adware

To remove adware installed on your computer, you can use AdwCleaner. This program also allows you to eliminate the majority of unwanted programs that modify the configuration of your web browser.

To use it, simply download AdwCleaner and save it to your Desktop. After this, double click the icon to start the program. Then, click Delete and wait while AdwCleaner scans and removes adware and other unwanted programs:

How To Get Rid of Unwanted Toolbars

You can also uninstall the useless toolbars that slow down your computer. These toolbars offer services (such as a Yahoo! or Google search engine) and add features that browsers generally include by default. In addition, toolbars keep track of the pages that you visit so that they can send you personalized advertising, which can lead to privacy concerns.

To remove the toolbars, go to the Windows Control Panel and uninstall programs that have the name Toolbar / Conduit. If you have a computer running Windows Vista / 7, go to Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features. If your computer has Windows XP, go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.

How To Prevent Installing Unwanted Adware and Pop-ups

The best advice is to be very careful with what you install. If you do not want to install any adware and receive advertising pop-ups, read the terms of use carefully when you install a program.

WOT is a tool that can help you to filter the sites that install this type of unwanted program.

If you use Avast or AVG, do not forget to activate the PUP / LPI detection capability.

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