How to Remove Surabaya Virus?

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Getting a virus is always a cause for concen for individuals using a computer. There are different types and categories and one virus in particular is known as the Surabaya virus. A popular antivirus can easily remove this Surabaya virus from an infected system. The entire security system of a computer can be at risk if the correct technique is not followed to remove a virus. An anti-worm program can be beneficial to upgrade the security settings in a computer. People can download the particular software from the internet and use it to remove the virus from a PC. Removal of malwares will also be essential here.


If you have been infected by the Surabaya virus you don't have to worry...


I have some tips and tricks that might help you remove the symptoms of the virus, though I cannot guarantee it will really remove all the virus files. It did work for me though as the symptoms never reappeared. You will need an anti-worm program called "NOOB.KILLER.leerz.exe". It's not a virus, just an anti-worm utility program. If you are unsure, you can do some research on this program file and check it out yourself. This NOOB.KILLER.leerz.exe is one of my trusted anti-virus/anti-worm/anti-virus symptoms programs.

Here are the steps to follow (assuming you are using WinXP):

1. Run NOOB.KILLER.leerz.exe in safe mode and restart/reboot in safe mode. This will remove one of the symptoms of the virus.
Download it here:

2. In a window menu, click Tools, click Folder Options, click the View take. Then click toggle button Show hidden files and folders, and unclick Hide protected operating system files.

3. Hunt the suspected files like the .scr folders, the "Thumbs .db" file in the USB Flash drive,, etc. The .scr files are actually the RUGGED folder icons which are created by the virus. The actual folders are hidden by the virus and cannot be seen even if you follow step no. 2 without doing no. 1 first.

4. Delete the suspected files and folders in the hard disk. (If you are unsure about suspected files, I recommend just deleting the copy folders and the Thumbs .db and

Note: in deleting the virus files in the USB flash drive, I would do this: delete the virus files then immediately unplug the flash drive without 'safely unplugging' it. This will prevent the virus from reinstalling itself. Of course you shouldn't do this if you accessed other non-virus files as it would corrupt those.


Thanks to Aldrich for this tip on the forum.