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The resources in C/C ++


Resources can often be useful for the final version of a program, or before. This is to store images, fonts, cursors, dll, or even another program within the program itself, in the same folder or subfolders.


Standard Use

To use the resources with C/C + +, it must create a file extension ".rc", and place it in the same folder as the other project files.

Example: Content of the "game" folder with codeblocks:
  • Source Files
    • main.c
    • functions.c
  • File headers
    • headers.h
    • globalesVar.h
  • Resource file
    • res.rc
    • Other
  • game.layout
  • game.depend
  • game.cdp

The file is therefore in the same folder as other files.
In a resource file, there must be one attachment per line and a line must begin with a number.
  • Example:

ICON "icon.ico" 
RCDATA "otherProgram.exe"
  • Note that: If a file is located in a subfolder, you must specify this subfolder:

1 ICON "icons/icon.ico"

Use with Qt

The use of resources may also be useful with Qt, under C ++. Here, the principle is not the same. The resources are not find in a file with the .rc extension but with the extension: . qrc
It should be noted in file..pro" in the # input section, in this way:


RESOURCES += res.qrc

Here is the structure that must have your .qrc:

This is similar to the syntax of HTML. The files are integrated between the tags "<file>" and "</ file>".

Note that


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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