How To Create a Tumblr Account

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Tumblr is a free social networking platform used for microblogging and sharing various media content. Users can share videos, photos, music, quotes (as well as longer texts), and much more.

The platform also allows you to network and meet others by suggesting pages with similar posts. Suggested pages are displayed on your dashboard along with the latest content of those you follow. In addition to the dashboard, users also receive a personal page to which you can make posts. The site also allows you to customize your personal page by changing the title and layout as well as adding music, for example.

Opening a Tumblr Account

Starting a Tumblr account is quick and easy, as with most other social networks. To get started, go to the Tumblr website and click Sign Up in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. On the next screen, select Get Started. In the window that opens, fill in your email address, a password, and a unique username for your account:

After you have entered your information, click Get Started. Then, enter your age, confirm the user policy, and select Next. Once confirming your authenticity with a captcha, you will be able to connect and begin building your own Tumblr.

Image: © Tumblr.
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