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Fraps - Record your gameplay


Fraps is a video screen capture software available as trial version (for some options less), it is used to record some video game and is very popular among gamers.


  • Download the software, then run the file from your desktop:
  • A window titled "License Agreement" appears, click "I Agree"
  • Choose the location to install the program on your hard disk by clicking "Browse ..." then after it is preferable to leave the default is to say C: \ Fraps.
  • Finally click "Install" and wait until the installation ...
  • Once the program installed, run Fraps from its icon on the desktop


  • Once you have started Fraps, you can define the settings of the video capture.
  • Under the "FPS", set the time for video in seconds: limited to 30 secs with trial version.
  • Then go to the "Movies" tab:
  • In "Folder to save movies in" choose the location where the video captures will be saved.
  • In "Video Captures Hotkey" choose which key you press to start the capture.
  • The choice is whether it's "Half-size" or "Full-size (half-size to full size).
  • For the "Sound Input" is still up to you to choose the quality of sound output.
  • For the FPS value, it depends on your hardware, if it is a good PC you can choose between 25 and 60 FPS, if otherwise I suggest you leave the default is 30 FPS.
  • Note: FPS means Frames Per Second: the number of frames per second for video.
  • Now go in the "Screenshots"
  • In the category of image formats, choose the format that suits you best: BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA.

Video capture

  • Launch Fraps first.
  • Start the game in which you want to record, and once the game started, you'll see a kind of stopwatch (yellow), top left of your screen.
  • When the numbers are yellow, it means that the program is launched, so it is ready to make the capture.
  • Tap on the F9 key (button starts the capture)!
  • When the numbers turn red, it means that Fraps has started to record.
    • (Note that: Depending on your configuration you may experience a certain latency at the beginning of the recording process).
  • To stop the capture, simply press F9 again.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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