Word documents automatically save as Open Office format

April 2018


I just recently all of my saved word documents converted to open office documents. I open them in Word, save them in Word and they appear on my selection list as open office documents. If I delete the Open Office software will I lose all of my documents? Is there a way I can keep my Word documents as Word and my Open Office documents as Open Office?


They are still .doc file (i.e. Word files). What happened it that you installed OpenOffice and associated the .doc extension with itself. I'm not familiar with Windows 2000 so I will give you the procedure for XP.
  • Go to Control Panel and select Folder Options.
  • Then select the File Type tab. you then need to scroll down to the "doc" Extension.
  • Highlight doc and then click on the Change box.
  • Then scroll down the recommended programs until you find Word.
  • Highlight Microsoft Word and click on the OK box.

Windows explorer should now show the files as Word documents.


Thanks to xpcman for this tip on the forum.
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