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Hard reset LG KG800

At times, your LG KG800 mobile phone may stop responding to multimedia software and applications and will prompt you to reset your media memory. The mobile phone may be locked and while unlocking it the mobile may not respond and you will need to do a hard reset. You may opt to get some support from the LG customer service team to help you recover data without resetting your phone, when possible. It is not possible to recover your personal data, images, and other applications once you make a hard reset. The procedure is simple, it involves keying in the code "2945#*#", as you would when you type in a number to call someone - once done your phone should be reset.

Hard Reset code for an LG KG800

When the phone stops responding or there are several issues of applications, it is sometimes necessary to do a hard reset.
  • But note that this will erase all personal data, so make sure you save youe directory, images, music, videos ...etc..
  • On the main screen, enter (same as you would with a phone number)

  • and dial.
  • The phone is then reset.

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