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DirectX in the Control Panel?

There is a simple and easy trick that allows the installation and adjustment of DirectX on the Windows Control Panel. For the maintenance of the material and software of a computer, Windows Control Panel comes into play. When the icon of DirectX is missing from the Control Panel, there is an easy process which allows its installation. All it requires is the copying of a small file to be 'directx.cpl'. After downloading the file, the user must copy it to the 'System 32' directory which is located in C:/WINDOWS/system32. This process need not be executed if DirectX icon handling is already present in the Control Panel.


This is a trick which allows easy adjustment or installation of DirectX onto your Windows Control Panel.

DirectX in the Control Panel


The Windows Control Panel allows you to perform maintenance of the software and material on your computer.
If you are missing the DirectX icon in your Control Panel, or if you simply want to install it, it's very simple.

It is simply a matter of copying a small file to be a "directx.cpl."

Once downloaded, the file is copied to your directory "System32" located in:

C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ 

NB: There is of course no need to do this if the icon handling DirectX is already one of the icons in the panel.

The Control Panel:


No need to use the Start Menu, everything is in the Control Panel - DirectX too.

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