Windows - Change currency format

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To change the currency format without going through the settings, you must modify the registry. There is a key in the registry for this option.
  • 1) Open the Registry Editor : Start/Run/regedit
  • 2) Locate the key: HKEY>CURRENT>USERControl>Panel>International
  • 3) Double-click the value sCurrency
  • 4) In the "Value data", enter the format of your choice ($, £, etc.) and validate.
  • For changes to take effect, restart the computer and/or log off.
  • If you want to change this option on many computers, save the key somewhere, open it with notepad and change the value. Then save this file as.reg file and upload it on the affected computers. Right click and select "apply to register" and enter. This operation is performed on all affected computers.

Thanks to computerhelp for this tip

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