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Windows 7 and Vista - Copy and paste issue

Copy and paste are two options that are widely used in computing. Sometimes in systems using Windows 7 operating systems, these two functions fail to operate although the drivers are installed and the mouse is in proper working condition. This annoying problem of not being able to copy and paste generally occurs after a re-installation of Windows 7 has taken place. The main reason for this lies with the Java applet. There are some issues related to the management of access rights pertaining to this application. This problem has solutions, and for that, the required modifications must be made in the Java Control Panel.


In Windows, you may find that the copy and paste function no longer works after you reinstall the system. Although all the drivers are properly installed and everything else seems to be functioning correctly, this feature does not work

This problem is often caused by an access rights management issue with the Java applet. The reason for this problem is unknown, and it is rare for it to happen, but it is easily solved.


  • Make sure that the appropriate version of Java is installed on your computer, depending on your operating system
  • Open the Start menu and then Control Panel
  • Select the Java icon
  • Right-click on Open then select Advanced > Java Console > Show Console
  • Close the window by clicking Apply > OK


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