The Sims 3 Not responding

Sims 3 is a popular game that used to be played by various people of different age groups. Its interesting character attracts gamers from all over the world to play with it, even in games competitions, where a big amount of prone money is being kept for these types of games. Obviously, where a game's running is concerned, one is bound to come across some problems, either initially or periodically. Sometimes the screen freezes or goes blank, or it hangs. Better to have a Dual Core or Core 2 Duo processor with 2 or 4 GB of RAM and a minimum of 512 MB Graphics Card; otherwise it becomes tough to play such games. The System Checking Utility software too can be used to clean some unwanted files for smoother movement.


I just bought the game Sims 3 and I can create a Sim, but as soon as I go into building mode or even to play with the Sim, it freezes, and then it goes black. I have all the requirements for the game. But I don't know what I should do about not being able to play the game in build mode, or live mode.


Quick question. Are you all or some of you running the bare minimum requirements? It would help more if you listed the actual specs of your computers. Remember the game has listed the "requirements" for the game to run, but they do not say "FANTASTIC game play with these minimum requirements".

My suggestion to those that have at least 2GB RAM, Dual Core Processors, and 512MB Video (that works with SIMS3)

You may have so much starting up on your computer that it takes up half of your RAM. Are you running Vista? XP? Those two will play a major role when it comes to sims3 play and your Memory avail.

I highly recommend you check out this free little tool (it's far better than any System Task Manager by far) to see what actually is running on your machines, and what you can or cannot shut down on start up or while running the game.

I hate the fact that all these software companies think we want their little piece of heaven to load on each system boot. It's annoying yes, but we as PC owners have to keep it under control. Find out what's running and much more by this free tool. Get the Standalone English Version (No Need for Pro) or get the multi language if needed.

Once you investigate a bit more to find out what you can safely shut down you may find Sims runs better. Another GREAT place to review is Black Vipers helpful settings. He tells you what you can safely shut down in the OS and more. Like what is the default, and if it is needed and why. I suggest you choose your proper OS i.e. XP, Vista ... this is the link to the XP SP3 32 bit:

GOOD LUCK everyone. I know how much you want to play the game so I figured I'd take the time to at least offer some help :)


Thanks to Michele for this tip on the forum.

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